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Re: 12 Months with Barclays, still no auto CLI?

I ended up calling and asking about their normal CLI process.  He did say that accounts are reviewed every 6 months and a CLI is granted if the account has been maintained in good standing during that period.  When I asked him why I hadn't received a CLI at my 6mo or my 12mo points, he couldn't offer an explanation.  So he asked me if I wanted to initiate the request for one and I agreed to the HP.  I asked for $3000 but they countered with $2000.  Part of me wanted to haggle for $2500 but I don't think I would've gotten it.  I took the $2000 and politely thanked him and that was that.


Whether or not I'll get auto CLIs in the future is anybody's guess.  But one thing I'm sure of, I won't be requesting another CLI from them within the next 24 months.  I don't care to have multiple inquiries on my CR from the same lender.... so my CL with them may possibly stay at $2000 for the next 24 months, and that's fine with me.

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