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Too Soon for AMEX BCE?

Hey Guys, 


I am looking to apply for a new credit card to use for gas and groceries. I would love to get the AMEX BCE but I am not sure what my chances are. I currently have the Citi Forward that I got back in March with a CL of $3000, but that is my only credit card. I have a few student loans and an auto loan, all in good standing with no baddies.


Credit Score: 733 last time it was pulled from Equifax

Oldest Account: 4 years 3 months (student loan)

AAOA: 2 years 7 months

Inquires: 5 on Equifax, 0 on Experian and  Transunion (2 of the inquires are auto loan related and 2 are rental related)

Utility: 12% at last statement cut

Income: 55K


Any advice is greatly appreciated. Let me know if I missed any information that can help predict my chances


Thanks in advance!