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Re: Left the Garden!

Epcot wrote:

I was at Disney today enjoying the Food and Wine Festival at Epcot. While walking around the world showcase I saw a Chase stand. Now I have been wanting the Disney visa for a while, I apped in february of this year but was denied due to high util. (I was at 80%, now I am at 29%). My AAoA is over 6 years, oldest account over 10 years. No baddies. Only 2 inquiries in last year. Highest current limit is mid twenties with Citi.


I spoke to the nice lady who told me that they are giving a $100 Disney gift card for any approvals. (Cannot be combined with the online offer of $100 GC or statement credit). She also said that if approved, I can pick up my new card at Downtown Disney that same day! Wow, I gave in and applied. Those few tense seconds after submitting the app were horrible, knowing my history of denial for this card. She looked at her screen and said: "I am so sorry!"...  I was heartbroken. A few seconds later she said: "You are approved!" She had me going! We had a good chuckle and I was both in shock and relieved! She couldn't tell me my CL, but told me where to pick up my new card.

About an hour later I was at Downtown Disney's Guest Relations and picked up my card. SO happy to get approved AND get my new card the same day. I ripped open the envelope and saw my CL as $8000! Woohoo! I called in to activate it and asked the nice rep for a CL recon as I was hoping for $10k. (Hey, why not?) She transferred me to Customer Service who was unable to help me and then I was transferred to a Credit Analyst. They said they would HP me again, I said why not. I plan on gardening after this and Walmart. He put me on hold and came back ten seconds later telling me I was approved for the $10k!


I also went online to apply for the Walmart card only to find a preapproval offer of $700. It had all my info already filled in, I just had to put my phone number, DOB and Social. Then it gave me the 7-10 day message. Oh well.


So happy with my Disney approval, I am headed to the Garden again. Sorry for the long post!


Congrats! I so want to app for a Chase card, but I must resist at all cost! LOL

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