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Newbie Question......

Hi everyone!

I have some questions that are probably pretty stupid but since I'm in the process of trying to build credit and this is my first actual card, I do NOT want to mess it up and I want to make sure I'm doing this right.


I heard that I have to wait to until the bill "posts" to pay it, but also  pay it earlier than the actual due date. I have my first amazon store card bill (electronically) but when I go to view the statement, it says "there are no e-bills available for this account."  But it's showing this...


Account Summary

Current Balance* :$157.22 
Minimum Payment Due :$25.00Make a Payment
Payment Due Date :12/05/2012 
Available Credit* :$1,042.00Request Increase
Total Credit Limit :$1,200.00 
Last Payment :$0.00 
Last Payment Posted : View Online
Payment History
Last Statement Date :11/12/2012 
Last Statement Balance :$157.22View Statement


Why does it give me the option to click on "view statement" if there are no available statements?  Is the statement the detailed bill?  what exactly does that mean?


When do I wait to make a payment? Do I wait for the "statement date" and then pay it once I see that? So since it's showing "last statement date" as 11/12/2012, should I pay it off now? Or do I wait until its closer to the due date?  I don't get how this works lol. I don't want to pay it off before it gets reported right?



Also...Should I close my FP account now that I have other lines of credit? I wasn't sure since I opened that one in July, and these new accounts just opened this month. If I need to apply for carecredit in the spring, I wasn't sure if I'd have a long enough credit history if I close the FP. 


Thanks for the help!


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