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Re: Left the Garden!
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webhopper wrote:
Congrats!!! That is a really awesome starting CL! Way To go!!! Worth leaving the garden... as this card was one of your reasons for gardening in the first place!

Thanks so much! I had been a lurker for years here, boy am I glad I joined. I am so grateful for all the support and help this forum offers! I am definitely back in the Garden. Smiley LOL


Update- I called in to Walmart and got transferred to someone who answered: "JCPenney credit... err.. I mean Walmart Credit services". After we chuckled about that she asked me three identity questions and approved me for the exact amount that showed on the pre-approval screen. $700. She said it was the store card.

I got the two cards I wanted. The Disney Visa I have wanted for years, the Walmart card I really only started thinking about once I joined here, mainly for the TU score. (And black friday, hope I get it by then). I have no reason to app anymore. I am going to tend the garden for the foreseeable future! Thanks everyone!

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