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Re: After all my hard work :(

Be ready to pay that default rate of 29.99% too. Going over limit is like missing a payment with most credit card issuers

Citi Thank You Premier Visa Signature-$9K, Citi Thank You Preferred Vis Signature-$8.3K, Citi AA Signature- 8.5K, Citi Simplicity 9.2K, Citi Diamond-6.1K, Chase Southwest Visa Signature-6K, Discover IT-$ 7K, Capital One-$5K, Capital One-$4K, Lowes-$10K, Chase Sapphire Preferred- $ 5K, AMEX BCE $14.5K, AMEX Starwood Preferred $15K, AMEX Hilton Honors $5K,AMEX Everyday-$5K, Fidelity Amex-$10K, Capital One QS- 10K, US Bank 123 rewards Kroger-$17K, Penfed Platinum Rewards Visa Signature-$30K