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Re: Newbie Question......
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you'll do fine paying in full before the due date, as long as you don't use more than $120 credit.   Even if you use more, you are still fine longterm, but if you want the highest possible scores immediately, then you should pay your balance to above 0 but less than $120 (below 10% of the credit limit) before the statement posts.   It is easier to push the payments online from your bank instead of using the credit card online payment, because then there are no limitations to when or how much you can pay.


EDIT:  just noticed now that you have other cards too.   Here is what I do.  I have a lot of cards, but only two that I use regularly and let report a balance.  All of my other cards I PIF before the statement date and let report $0 balance.  I don't pay any of my cards more than once a month, but I try not to spend so much on my two regular cards that they report a balance that is near the credit limit.

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