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Re: Newbie Question......

you can pay at anytime, you can pay 30 times a month if you really want.


remember not all credit card reports your spending when the statement cuts, many companies send reports out mid month. So if your statement is made for Jan 1st, some cards will report at Dec 20.


Just keep your  balances low, and keep actively using credit pay as much as you want, and find your sweet spot. most people have a sweet spot around 2% debt owed. Fico takes points off if multiple cards show a balance however. It doesn't matter when or how you pay. Just pay the minimum or more before the due date, and keep your balances under 5% is considered ideal, but even if it stays at 0% it won't hurt you. on a manual review however it might make it appear your not using credit cards at all. So reporting a little is worth it sometimes. But personally I'm a cheapsake =) I pay in full 100% and still built my credit upto 758 in 1 year with a very thin file.

total credit limits $108,400 Credit scores Ex 728 EQ 738 TU 758