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Re: Is Citi teasing me?

RW771 wrote:

trumpet-205 wrote:

Because invitation itself is meaningless. The way pre-approval/invitation works is that Citi asks CRAs to produce a list of people satisfy Citi's requirement (for example never declared BK). Citi takes that list and mail these so called "invitation" to everyone without checking every CR. The list itself is generic and means very little. Citi still has to HP you to do a through credit check on you. This is how Citi operates and this is how everyone operates.


So your answer is no. Getting that invitation does not mean your are qualified for this particular card. You still have to go through application process.


What was your reason for denial on Simplicity?

I was denied due to high util (2 cards I'm trying to transfer to another card due to high int. rates) and a "major delinquency" which was a CO with GEMB that's been PIF since 2007. I have no lates, no collections and the rest of my credit is in good shape :-(

high utility is a good reason for denial which can change rapidly, they could pre-approve you ont he 15th and your cards could report on the 16th to disqualify you so ymmv on a lot but also random question what state are you in? cause if your in NY you can remove that charge off now

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