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Re: OMG NO WAY Discover!!!!!
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***Official Update*** My Disccver card finally came in the mail today! It's got a zero % interest till 2014 and 19.99% after. & My limit is $1,000 like has been previously stated. I called and activated it and spoke to a very nice guy in ohio, who in an energetic and fantastic voice said "Congradulations!!! Welcome to Discover!!!!" that made me feel awesome inside!!! Way better service than capital one, no contest!!! lol. so my card is all set and ready to use and i used it a few minutes ago to pay my cell phone bill. I plan on using it alot so i can build some great history and with no interest till 2014 maybe i'll buy myself a top of the line desktop computer later on and make some big payments to pay it off way before the interest free offer ends. Smiley Happy Thanks everyone on this forum, I couldn't have done it with you! I am in prime credit rght now, "I've arrived!!!" lol Smiley Very Happy

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