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Re: For all the Capital One CSR hate...

Finance805 wrote:

I actually have a positive story!  Last Friday went to a new sushi restaurant and ordered a couple drinks from the bar before dinner.  Got sat down so closed my bar tab and left a cash tip with CASH being written in the tip portion of the tab and the total tab equaling the pretip total. 


Last night (Monday) check my account and noticed that the posted amount on my online credit card account shows an additional amount (only $8 more but still I didn't leave an extra $8 tip on top of my cash for only a $10 tab).  Filed a claim dispute.  This morning at 9am get an email stating I have a message in my profile.  Check my message, capital one reimbursed me and considers the case closed.


Not everything Capital One does is bad!

+1 on the last part...... Cap1 def has it positives and negatives....Im glad they took care of you