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Re: Update on Capital One and Orchard Bank Merger

nicholasyud wrote:

Woooowwww mxp i just realized you had 130k credit available .............goddddddddddddd............mine only 1300 :B


You will get more too. It's not much, seen a few guys on here with $250k+ available Smiley Surprised Thanks! lol

ryanbush wrote:

dangit, i love my orchard bank visa (2% cash back on everything) and it is juat a plain black and grey card with the visa logo... i don't want it if i have the ugly cap 1 logo plastered on it 

 When the systems merge next year, you could get a similar design using the custom card feature.

beb86 wrote:

I ordered a new one because I wanted the new design but its the same ugly (gold) design as before.....that was about two months ago do you think the will send out the new cards soon?

I did that too, got the same old ugly design. Which card? The Gold RZMC? I got an email last week that a new design for RZMC was coming and when I called they said it was mailed out on 11/5.