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Chase Sapphire Preferred denial

I was thinking of waiting to get a CSP but I saw that they are offereing a 10 points deal in late November so I decided to go for it now so I could get my card in time.


Unfortuanately I was not successful as I got the 10 day message. 


I called the Recon line and was told that my credit looked fine but that my accounts were too small.  My accounts with longer histories have limits under $750.  My 3 newest accounts all have credit limits above of $3k or more (Amex Blue: $3K, US Bank Platinum: $4K, Citi Dividend: $3K) but the woman said that I had just opened these cards in September, so they couldn't take them into account because there was a long enough record of me using them responsibly. (She cited the Visa Signature $5k requirement)


It was quite the bummer, but I guess i can try again in 6 months. I can deal with not getting the 10 points from Chase (my Divident card is offering 5% cash back at electronics stores + 2% for Apple Store purchases) but I really wanted a card with no forex fees that would grow (my Cap One will be stuck at $2,750 forever, I'm sure).



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