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Re: Newbie Question......
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Yes, first payment a few days BEFORE payment due date. Second payment could really be anytime before the next payment due date but I usually make it a few days after the new statement cuts to show good credit behavior. ( Statement Cut Off Time )


Using credit cards is a Catch-22 situation. You need to use them a lot to show lenders that you can manage credit and get them to give you good CLIs, but if you let them report high balances and your utilization percentage is reported at more than 9% your scores will take a serious hit. This is a work around until your credit lines climb high enough to not have to worry about the 9% when you spend normally each month.


When you have a total of $2000 CL nine percent is $180. When you have a total of $20K CL nine percent is $1800 which makes it much easier to manage your credit.


That's one reason people on these forums are obsessed with getting CLIs.


You confuse those newbie Jamie.....Make it simple

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