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Re: AMEX 61 Day increase DENIED

charyot77 wrote:

I called the AMEX recon line about my CLI increase.


They were really nice and explained the reasons for my denial.


She said that my my utilization was too high and that my FICO was too low.


I found this all strange because I bought my FICO scores in late October and they were about 20-30 points higher than what she "quoted" and I did have a large purchase that I had paid off before I applied, but it didnt show until later (I think).


I'm guessing that they used an old report to deny me?  I could probably ask them to reconsider, but I applied for so many new accounts, I don't want another hard pull.


THAT could be part of the issue even though they're not saying so.   AMEX can be touchy with new recent accounts (anything with in the last 6 months esp).  Couple that with higher UTIL than they are comfortable with when they look at other info and they have a number of reasons to list for denial.


Don't feel bad however, I was denied my CLI on the phone as well a while back.  Not going to ask again right after the 6 month mark is up though, I can't even use their 0% offer properly or they can frown on that as well (as we all know, that can be an issue with them but not a given). 


I am sure people are much more willing to post their success with the 61x3 request than they are a denial (I think I posted long ago that mine was a no go).   Which is ok, between Discover and Freedom I've made over 600 cash back compared to what AMEX BLUE or ZYNC offers.  AMEX was even a bit misleading about the "bonus" I got with BLUE as far as I was concerned and I told them so too  (23,000 points was only worth 120ish in "statement credit").


Don't get me wrong, I still like my AMEX's for what they do, give great protection and CS with purchase issues etc and retaining my oldest credit age, but other than that, they're not really worth the worry they cause some people.   I can tell you for a fact, they have changed a bit, and not for the good, in the last 24 years.