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Re: For all the Capital One CSR hate...

mcdonaldtyler wrote:

Capital One doesn't investigate if the amount in dispute is under $10 (it might be $20). If it costs more to investigate than the amount in dispute they will issue a credit (although it will show on your end as a chargeback), so the waiter most likely got to keep the $8. 

 Yeah, the amount is probably a bit higher however abusing it will lead to them actually investigating future disputes and flagging your account.

ccnewcc wrote:

I wonder if ppl ever call the restaurant/bar instead of calling the CCC to dispute.  


Maybe the restaurant/bar will credit the card back and discipline the thieving employee so that it doesn't continue?

I had this happen a long time ago to me. Basically I left a credit card tip but ended up getting charged. I knew American Express would just issue a credit and close the case, so I actually called the restaurant to find out. The manager issued a refund and explained it was a glitch, it's been so long I can't even remember what he said or the amount of the tip.