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Re: Update on Capital One and Orchard Bank Merger

ImjustCool88 wrote:

To all those curious to know what this merger means, I contacted Capital One.


Yes, you will get a new card with Capital One logo on it

Yes, your credit card numbers will stay the same (small amount of people will have a new number)

No, they WON'T combine the cards or the credit limits:

Adonis: I am sorry, you will be not able to link the credit limit of two Capital One accounts.


And here I was hoping they'd combine them so I don't have to keep this pitifully low limit orchard bank card!

You did not get the answer to the most important question.   Will they be changing to cards to existing Capital One cards with their Terms and Conditions.  


My Household bank is 2% cash rewards on everything and no AF, which is better than what they have now.