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Re: AMEX 61 Day increase DENIED

RyVision wrote:

I am sure people are much more willing to post their success with the 61x3 request than they are a denial (I think I posted long ago that mine was a no go).   Which is ok, between Discover and Freedom I've made over 600 cash back compared to what AMEX BLUE or ZYNC offers.  AMEX was even a bit misleading about the "bonus" I got with BLUE as far as I was concerned and I told them so too  (23,000 points was only worth 120ish in "statement credit").


Don't get me wrong, I still like my AMEX's for what they do, give great protection and CS with purchase issues etc and retaining my oldest credit age, but other than that, they're not really worth the worry they cause some people.   I can tell you for a fact, they have changed a bit, and not for the good, in the last 24 years.

This is why I'm posting my denial stories...because if you look through the threads there are way too more approval stories. You would think that no one is getting denied these days.


I'm fine with the credit that I have for the most part, so this isn't a heartbreaker, I just want something over that $5K line.