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AMEX FR - How sensitive to new inquiries/hp

I applied for a Citi Forward (got denied; in recon) then approved for a BCP and following that a Chase Amazon card. I'm worried that the recon on Citi will do another HP (they said it might and couldn't tell me).


I know AMEX soft pulled me immediately after Chase hard pulled. If Citi hard pull again and AMEX notices, it could look like I've app'd for four cards in a month (only had two previously - so huge increase). Could this potentially trigger an FR?


I'm in a bit of an awkward situation where a FR would be pretty hard for me to satisfy as the past few years almost all of my income is from overseas and not reported to the IRS. Only in the last few months is my income US-based; would they accept last few pay stubs or bank statements instead?


gaah worried now. stupid citi application; shouldn't have done it

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