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Wolf3 40 Month Milestone.

I started rebuilding 40 monts ago.   I was AU on my wifes Sears MC (CITI), the ony card she had left.


My first app was a US Bank secured card.   Denied!!  


3 secured cards followed in the next year, Then some store cards in the following year.


I got 2 major cards from HSBC and Capital One after having their secured cards for about 1.5 years each.


I have be declined for 3 major cards with other banks this year. But, just recently got some store cards with big limits.


Today I recieved my first major card not preceded by a secured card.  It is a cobranded REI Visa from US Bank $4500 CL. ( come full circle).


So I am claiming victory in my journey to primeville.  



P.S.   Same day's mail had another AMEX green card invitaion ( in the shredder ).