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Re: AMEX FR - How sensitive to new inquiries/hp

webhopper wrote:
Hmm this can put you in a sticky situation.... as foreign is usually reported to the Irs as far as I know. Do you pay taxes in another country? If so I recommend that you address the FR using your foreign tax statements.

Personally though; I don't see that you're at risk for FR. I had tons of inquiries prior to and after receiving my Amex charge card. The most important thing to consider is to keep your charges commensurate with your income and you'll be just fine!

Best of luck and welcome to the Amex family!

Up until 2013, I'm still non-resident for tax purposes, so I don't file a 1042, but a 1042-NR instead, which doesn't require reporting of foreign income. there's also no tax treaty between here and the other country.


How many cards did you apply for after your amex and how quickly?


I've had my Gold amex for just over 2 years now, so I suppose there's a chance they can look at that and know im a good customer.



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