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Re: WellsFargo Secured Card reports different!!!
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Fresh101 wrote:

When should I expect increase score? I was already on the 658 in Eq and believe it also went down. I was planing on placing an application with a lender to buy my first house and now this happen. How can I improve my score quickly? I am asking as many people after getting a CL it reflect as a credit jump but not in my case.


This is why the myfico community rarely recommends for its members to apply for a credit card if they have a mortgage on the horizon... unfortunately a new card can sometimes do more harm than good. I'm afraid you've set yourself back. Keep in mind that increasing the deposit to 1k will help you over time with getting larger limits. Best advice is that you keep the balance low on this card or; don't use it at all. Good luck!

Edit: I just realized that this is an old thread. My apologies. To cashnocredit; give it some time... it may be that the initial report to the bureaus did not contain the right coding to put the account in the right bucket. Besides; you will still be building a relationship with the CU which will help you out in the long run

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