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Re: Shot down for CSP - should I recon for Freedom?

They will not use the same credit report for a different application. No major bank that I know of will do this. Some say credit unions will, but Chase definitely will not.


The sign up bonus thing is not a big deal. I signed up for $200 and noticed there was a $300 offer, and one secure message later, an extra 10000 points were added to the account.


Having any card with an issuer will usually help you down the road to get another card from them. My sister had a Chase Freedom with 2500 limit for about a year. She applied for the Chase Sapphire Preferred was was approved, without having any similar limits. I reckon her having another Chase card prior to applying may have helped, and her history is about six years.


You could possibly try again and you may get someone who will approve it.