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Re: what happens if you don't "Activate" your card?

I had a debit card mailed to me once after about 10 days I didn't get it, I was on my online account for something esle and saw all these random charges that didn't look familiar. Asked the wifey she said she didn't see the card come nor had she even used her card lately. Called the bank to dispute the charges, they confirmed it was on the new card and not the wifes card and since the card was never activated they would cancel the card, flag it to be held and notified(which I guess tells the retailer to not give the card to the person and to call the cops/bank? I'm guessing) and that all charges would be reversed immediatly and that if I had any overdraft fees that occured due to this they would be refunded (which luckily I didn't the guy appears to have only been testing the card - a dollar here a dollar there). From now on though, any time we get a new debit card, we have to pick it up at a branch and show ID an all that when we have a new card issued, which luckily is only once every couple years.

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