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Re: Is Citi teasing me?

I live in TX and didn't know there was a limit on the time CO's can report on your CR? I just thought it stayed on your CR's the whole 7 years unless the creditor agreed to remove it.


Unfortunately GEMB made it loud and clear a final time the other day when their corporate office called that they are not going to remove the 2 paid CO's, no matter what.


I guess that's what upsets me most...I know I screwed up and back in 2007 letting these accts get CO'd and immediately I paid these off. I knew it would take time for my credit to heal, but to this day keep getting denied due to these old accts. I've sent several GW letters, each time getting that dreaded denial letter and have finally given up and realized they will just have to fall off on their own. It just sucks knowing that these are the only baddies on my CR and are what continue to keep me from obtaining new credit.



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