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Re: Shot down for CSP - should I recon for Freedom?

I spoke with the Chase back door line and they absolutely refused.  They said that I would need to have one card with over $5,000...and $4,000 wasn't enough. She also told me that having a total of $5,000 in available credit before didn't count either.  Being told this is frustrating because I've seen other posters here say the CSP was their first $5K limit card!


She was nice enough to suggest (before I got the chance to ask) that I consider a lower product that didn't have a $5k minimum (maybe she reads this forum) but she said that I would have to apply again and that they couldn't use the same inquiry.  


She said that my file looked great, but she couldn't say whether I would be approved for another account for sure because she could only speak about the CSP application, despite the fact that she could see all of my info right there in front of her. Smiley Mad


Total waste of an hard pull. I'm not going to waste another inquiry for a Freedom as I already have a rotating category card (CitI Dividend). I just wanted that no forex fee and the ability to convert to miles or cash. 


At least I know my "place" in the credit world hierarchy now. :smileytodecent I shouldn't whine though...just 6 months ago I would have killed for any prime card.