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Re: WellsFargo Secured Card reports different!!!
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I looked into it a bit more and realized what happened. But I'm still pissed... So back in September before I applied for the secured card, I had done a change of address. The address on my bank account was updated properly, but the credit card department still had the old address. So they sent the new card to the old address. When I got tired of waiting for it, I called them up and they said they would cancel the card that was sent to the old address and resend a new card to my new address. So what I saw on my credit report was actually the closed ("lost/stolen" as they reported it) credit card. It shows the same way on Equifax's report and on EliminateIDTheft. The replacement card has yet to report to any of the CRAs.


Seeing as the way AAoA is calculated, wouldn't this closed account negatively impact my credit AAoA as it's only a month old? I called my CU to try to get them to remove the line entirely, but they wouldn't budge. They also wouldn't remove the "Secured Credit Card" line from the comments section for future reports (Long shot, but had to try it!).


What threw me off when I first looked at the tradeline was the fact that the first 12 digits of the credit card account number listed on the TL were the exact same as the new card I received in the mail. They obviously XXXX the last for digits, so I was convinced that was my new credit card showing as closed and secured.