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Re: Walmart CLI easy for some, not for others

creditnocash wrote:

Jutz wrote:

Yeah that's kind of why I want to test it.  My credit is obviously not good, so it's a good test to see how flexible they are.  Going to shoot for 2k too.  With no hard pull I can't see the harm. 

like i stated in other threads. 

orginally i got approved in july for 800 and asked for a cli to 3k oct 1st so less then 3 months with the card. 

mind you i have other cards with 2/3k limits 

i had 3% util when i asked (thats out of 10k in limits)

and only one card reporting a balance

no baddies. 

just a short aaoa. 

no missed no lates nothing. 


Have you asked for a PC to Discover yet?

I'm thinking the Holiday season may help a little bit, if they approve a CLI, which of course I don't think they will anyway.  I'm just interested if they will do it early for lower credit, since it's obvious they are VERY flexible for good credit folks such as yourself.

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