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Re: Walmart CLI easy for some, not for others

Jutz wrote:

creditnocash wrote:

Jutz wrote:

Yeah that's kind of why I want to test it.  My credit is obviously not good, so it's a good test to see how flexible they are.  Going to shoot for 2k too.  With no hard pull I can't see the harm. 

like i stated in other threads. 

orginally i got approved in july for 800 and asked for a cli to 3k oct 1st so less then 3 months with the card. 

mind you i have other cards with 2/3k limits 

i had 3% util when i asked (thats out of 10k in limits)

and only one card reporting a balance

no baddies. 

just a short aaoa. 

no missed no lates nothing. 


Have you asked for a PC to Discover yet?

I'm thinking the Holiday season may help a little bit, if they approve a CLI, which of course I don't think they will anyway.  I'm just interested if they will do it early for lower credit, since it's obvious they are VERY flexible for good credit folks such as yourself.

ive asked but since its a hard pull i declined. (since i initiated it)  also would lower my aaoa way to much. im already only at 10 months.

i have no rush into getting a discover or a discover branded card at that.

my walmart fico this month was 743 so its not like i have bad credit.


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