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Re: Newbie Question......

Sitori wrote:
Ok i think i got it. Thank you so much for explaining !!! It helped a lot.

And Jamie...I will use all cards Every month leaving a small balance on them around 5% (less? More?) until when? January? Then pay them all down to report zero except one ?

Is that right? I'm assuming for Christmas I will have a slightly higher utilization than 1% anyway...but I will let the balances carry over if you're suggesting it will help my chances of getting approved for care credit in late Feb/early March.

I really appreciate everyone breaking this down for me. Man is it confusing lol!

care credit is one of the easiest credit cards to get so don't worry too much, your doine fine. Since it's a card that shouldn't be always used or abused it's easier on the risk department. It's not like you'll go out and blow $10,000 on unneeded surgery well maybe if it's cosmetic but those are rare compared to the number of people who blow out their money at walmart etc.


But I have to disagree with Jaime it doesn't matter if you carry large balances as long as you pay the minimum, your credit score will rebound just fine after it's paid off or brought down very low. Doesn't matter if you take a steady road on cruise control, or a roller coaster ride, only diference is the roller coaster will probably help you lose some change out of your pockets in the loops in interest =)



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