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Re: Walmart CLI easy for some, not for others

Some reason i would think for OP question :

  • Credit Score
  • Credit History with your current card ( limit history )
  • High Utility on other cards
  • Too many apps recently
  • Baddie.

I think you kinda attemp for the credit limit so bad thou........Its might approved for someone else but maybe not for you i guess....Everyone had a different credit profile nor credit score.......They had their own system to determinte whether or not they should give you limit increase. Maybe used them a lil bit and ask them for some meanful limit. (match your highest maybe and take whatever they offer)


     They offer me 700 and call underwrite to ask for 2000 limit but they only offer me 1200. Well I take it and only thing i know for sure GE cards would grow with me quick then why should be worry ??? They not Capital One or some others crappy lenders.........maybe in 1 years you would get where you want it thou.......Credit is more about waiting for the right time. Its like a game and its all about you whether you play it right or not.

Good luck.



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