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Chase freedom
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Hi is there a way I can call and ask for a cli I just got approved for the chase freedom but with a limit of 500


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Re: Chase freedom

jf49rs wrote:

Hi is there a way I can call and ask for a cli I just got approved for the chase freedom but with a limit of 500


you can call the recon line and ask them, make sure you have all your financial info straight and a good reason as to why you need more than $500. Worth a shot and congrats!


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Re: Chase freedom
I got approved for a Chase card on monday, called in same day asked for a higher CL and got it. Definitely possible, but as toiletbowl69er mentioned, have your reason and arguments ready!
Let us know how it goes!

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Re: Chase freedom

With only being approved for $500, I can't see them being keen to raising it any higher. You can try, but it will be another hard pull. If I were you, I would just wait a few months and try later.

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Re: Chase freedom

Do you really need a reason for a CL higher than 500? Serious question. Chase is a good bank known for being strict with CC. They should know you can barely use their product with a $500 limit.

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Re: Chase freedom

Congrats on getting the Freedom

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Re: Chase freedom

Hard pull on CLI ??

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Re: Chase freedom

I think you can get an increase after at lease two payments. They just want to see the account in good standing with a bit of history allbeit short. Hard pull will happen but it might be worth it.

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Re: Chase freedom

Yes it was a hard pull but I receive the discover more with a credit limit of $5500.00 but hey at least I'm IM prime credit cards  now!!

And thanks for all your info.

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Re: Chase freedom

I was approved with at $500 limit and called the credit analyst and she told me to apply for a CLI once my Discover card reported b/c I was given $500 only b/c I didn't have any other revolving accounts. So I say wait a few month and then request it.

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