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Re: Secured vs unsecured

I was approval for BOA 10k CL(secured card) hopefully I can change to unsecured credit card after 1 year .. I have money. But couple year ago I don't know what is credit. I mess my credit just because 4k credit card.i live in USA for couple months then go back my country for couple months and forgot about credit card bill.When I remember it, too late it charge off. I called them asked for remove charge off, they told me NO,after that I went back my country again, when I come back USA I saw collection. Oh well just left it. I think well I got money so whateh when I start my business,gold land lord he won't let me lease the space because my credit is bad. I try to call them asked them if I can pay double or triple Just for remove it out my credit report, thay said NO.who say money is power is stupid. I got 5m in my bank. I showed for land lore he still said NO.sorry my English is not good

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