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Re: Apps Spree Success 4 over 4

TNTransplant wrote:

Congrats on your approvals - you did great! Smiley Happy


I don't think Amex is receptive to credit limit recons.  I would just use the card and PIF for the next 2 months, and then request a CLI at 61 days.  If approved, that would potentially put you right up to a $3000 CL, and that would be close to your USAA limit.  Treat your card wisely, and your limit can grow quickly.

Well i would try and confirm with them about my USAA limit and see what they can do.......Not hurt to try right ???? Also i wonder yes of course im going to paid it in full for the next 60 days but do i really need to paid before the statement closing days or let the balance report then paid ??? What good tactics with AMEX ?????


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