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Re: Secured vs unsecured
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HiLine wrote:

Lol at the 50k+ credit lines. Give me 40k for a year and I can show you a better way to build your credit. After 1 year I wil return your 40k. Win-win. Smiley Wink


+1 for BofA Bankamericard Travel Rewards secured card being the best of its kind. The upper limit for the credit line is 10k. The card is reported as a secured card, which is not as valuable as an unsecured card with the same credit limit from a prime lender when you apply for a card and get your application manually reviewed.

That's news to me, I didn't know that BOFA had their Travel Rewards available on their secured card?  I had only heard of the 1-2-3.  You're absolutely right though about it's not being publicized, not sure why the 1-2-3 rewards (or even better the Travel ones if that works for you) make it the best secured product around.  


Their website last I checked actually says something like $4999, but I recently had a 5K secured card through them (post their listed limit on their website) so I know it's not entirely accurate.


@bahbahd: the only secured card I know that will go up to 50K is the SDFCU (State Department) and actually I think it tops out at 100K; comes with a EMV chip too which is the only secured card I'm aware of which does that if you travel in Europe at all.  I looked into it when there was a good chance of my being sent to the UK but while the project got killed, it did look like a good card.  +1 to Crashem for that information originally.


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