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Re: AMEX Question

westcoastpirate wrote:
So I had an AMEX Blue card while in college, small limit, like $500. It was CO'd, and I settled for less than the full balance. It has fallen off my CR for a while, but I am sure I am on the AMEX blacklist. I am now in a much better financial situation than back then. I have a secured CC for $1K through my CU and a $700 Target Card and have been 'gardening' for a while and my CR is looking pretty good. Have a couple 60 day lates from 2007 that look to fall off in early 2013 but outside that, everything is stellar or is off the current CRs. My current CS is between 720s-740. I'm wondering if I should try calling AMEX to see if I can pay whatever the balance is from the settled card to get back in good standing with them for a new card? Has anyone done this and come off the blacklist? What number should I use to contact AMEX to make this request? The balance was so small when I settled I would have no problems paying it 10x over right now, but when I was in college $500 was a lot of money! I really want to get back in with them in the hopes they can backdate the card to the early 2000s.

Hello and welcome to the forums! amex blacklist bankruptcy i don't believe they blacklist collections or charge offs.You should call amex. (YMMV) your mileage may vary.