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Re: Should I apply for a 2nd AmEx?

ficojoe wrote:

I just got my BCE and I am moving all my personal expenses to it. 


I'd love to earn cash back on all my business expenses too. But, I'd like to keep them seperate and have my work pay the bill directly for me every month.


What is the best choice for this? I do not want an AF.


Will they approve me for a second card so soon? Do they have any options where I can just use the same credit limit but keep purchases seperate somehow?


Can you have two BCE cards? Or should I try for a clear or something else?


A charge card would be fine, I do not need a revolver, but I think all the charge cards come with an AF.

To build your business credit apply for a charge card. Build business relationship with AMEX then apply for a revolver. 


Keep all business transactions seperate. Do not put on your personal AMEX because they will FR or eventually close your card because like other CCC AMEX specializes in business CC's. 

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