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Re: AMEX Question
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Try disputing to the CRA's about your lates as NEVER LATE, and also the OC's. I would say half or more of the time they don't have documentation to prove you were ever late. Remember send certified mail (no return receipt) to CRA and just regular postage to the OC's stating you were never late. Since they almost never have documentation that you were ever late, plus it's been so long since the lates the will almost always deleted from my experience. ymmv.


If they can prove it keep firing off goodwill letters to the OC til they get sick of you =) a guy wrote a python script to email the executive office everyday and got a response eventually lol! oh yea with the CRA write it with yellow legal notepad with purple in in cursive (not kidding) cause they will not read your disputes otherwise and feeds it into a machine to auto process your disputes, this forces a manual review.

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