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Amex Soft Pulling EXP

So finally got my EXP report in the mail... and boy oh boy has Amex been SP'ing me.... they did not SP TU or EQ.... but they've SP'ed Exp about five or so times since account opening on Oct 1st. I also noticed that they SP'ed me once about two weeks before I actually applied and was approved for my BCE.... maybe that means they were planning to offer me credit anyway??

I also noticed that the SP entry says "Amex CIC".. and I know in the insurance business that CIC means Certified Insurance Counselor.. so perhaps the people making account review decisions are Insurance professionals?? Ahh, how I love insurance and Risk Mgmt!


HMMM.. either way... my util is actually a percent or two lower since my Discover with a $1k bal hasn't report yet and likely won't til my 61 day 3xcli for Amex becomes due!! haha!! I also received $12,000 in CLIs this month, but that likely won't report til after the 3xcli 61day mark either!


haha.. if Amex wants to play dirty, so can I ;-)


They want to watch me, then I will watch them watching me  ;-)

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