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What report gets pulled for Citi Diamond Preferred?

This is the absolute last card I desire for my collection, except maybe the HHonors Amex; it will replace my Paypal Extras Plat MC. I hesitate to apply right now because I have on avg about 3 inqs on each report in the past six months, and closer to nine in a two year period on avg. on each report.  I assume I'd be approved with prob a $3-4k limit.  I want to apply prob in January... maybe March or April.....two or three more inqs should fall off by then. I have like 6-7 from Jan - Aug of 2011 (idk why I applied so much!! ugh)

util: 11% (will drop to like 8% in a few weeks)

aaoa:2.5 yrs

student loans: $36k


For those of you that have the Citi Diamond Preferred card though,


what report did Citi pull??? My scores are all like within 10 or so points of eachother believe it or not.... from like 688 to 709, I believe. 

I reallllllllyyyy want this card, and I don't want a crappy limit either. I'll prob use it for a BT for maybe $5k? Idk lol. I'm really into saving my cash and floating a balance. :-) 

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