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Re: Capital one executive sucks

journey258 wrote:

joshy wrote:

I have been with capital one for 1 1/2 years with the same CL of  $1500 try calling back door # and no luck so I send them an email yesterday that goes like this


 To whom this may concern:

Let me start by say thank you for giving me a chance with a credit card a year and a half ago.
I am a current capital one customer, I have a checking account and a few credit card, A sharebuilder account for Stocks with your company, already closed 3 credit card as of today out of anger.
I was looking to change my current credit card ending in 1994 to a venture card I was told that its not possible to do so.
all I'm asking is for a product change on my credit card with a credit limit increase up to $3,500.
so far this year a have charge $8,139.00 on a card that only has a $1,500 credit limit paying my credit cards bills every week
if I'm not a good customer than I guess I will take my business somewhere else 
credit cards that I currently have:
American Express           $5000. Credit limit
Discover                         $1500. Credit limit
chase freedom                $1500. Credit limit
Amazon chase visa          $1000. Credit limit   
Citi Diamond Preferred     $4000. Credit limit
plus a few store card
will I get the CLI or not...

Honestly, I'd be turned off by the tone of your email. It sounds very "entitled."

I agree, the listing of other accounts was not needed.


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