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Re: Capital one executive sucks

journey258 wrote:

joshy wrote:

I have been with capital one for 1 1/2 years with the same CL of  $1500 try calling back door # and no luck so I send them an email yesterday that goes like this


 To whom this may concern:

Let me start by say thank you for giving me a chance with a credit card a year and a half ago.
I am a current capital one customer, I have a checking account and a few credit card, A sharebuilder account for Stocks with your company, already closed 3 credit card as of today out of anger.
I was looking to change my current credit card ending in 1994 to a venture card I was told that its not possible to do so.
all I'm asking is for a product change on my credit card with a credit limit increase up to $3,500.
so far this year a have charge $8,139.00 on a card that only has a $1,500 credit limit paying my credit cards bills every week
if I'm not a good customer than I guess I will take my business somewhere else 
credit cards that I currently have:
American Express           $5000. Credit limit
Discover                         $1500. Credit limit
chase freedom                $1500. Credit limit
Amazon chase visa          $1000. Credit limit   
Citi Diamond Preferred     $4000. Credit limit
plus a few store card
will I get the CLI or not...

Honestly, I'd be turned off by the tone of your email. It sounds very "entitled."

To be honest, I think his tone is fine considering every rep i spoke to (account specialist, senior account manager, case manager, executive office) their tone of voice was not very good. Bank of America and Discover have way better customer service. Even though they gave me credit first when noonelse would, Capital One can kick rocks and go bankrupt for all i care! I hope they honor your request OP.

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