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Re: Capital one executive sucks

@AndySoCal:  1) Never been late in the last 3 years

                            2)Never declared bankruptcy or defaulted on a loan.

                            3) I have to pay in full car loans pay then in 1 /12 years and the loans where for 4 years

                            4) my fico is at 698 EQ as of 11/12/2012

                            5) yea that could be - i app for CLI from all my cards in the last 2 weeks

Credit Cards:Amex BCE $5K. Amex costco $15K,Chase Freedom $1K, Discover $4K,Discover it $1.7K Cap1 $2.5K, Cap1 $1.5K, Cap1 visa $1K, BBRZMC $300, BNFL $1450, Cap1 $2K. BRCU $1K.chevrom visa $3.3K, toyrus visa $6.3K,walmart DC$2.4k,Gap vs$4k

Store Card.Walmart $3.3K,Amazon $3.5K, Old Navy $4.7K, KOHLS $500, The Children's Place $325. Target $700, Express $1.15K. paypal SC $1.8K, MACYS $2.5k