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Re: Capital one executive sucks
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AndySoCal wrote:


I went  to the Capital One web site in order to get a venture card you need excellent credit . Their definition of excellent credit is 


1) You have been 60 days late on any type account in the last year

2) Never declared bankruptcy or defaulted on a loan. ( defaulted is been late)

3)  I have had a loan or credit card with a credit limit of $5000 or more for at least three years.


Do you meet this criteria? The other concern they might have is all the recent credit accounts you have opened recently.





I assume that 1) is missing a "not" or "never" somewhere, or that's a strange definition of excellent!




Edit:  Oh, I see:

I have not been more than 60 days late on any credit card, medical bill, or loan in the last year


So Cap One does allow a 60 day late in the past year.