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So GE doesn't like me?

I'm always seeing threads about GE and their credit line increases and I've always wondered what my wife and I are doing wrong. I have:


GE Banana Republic..Opened 2-12 Never Used $400 Limit never increased

GE Care Credit... Opened 10-2009 $500 Limit forever Carried a balance over the course of 2 years with PIF 3 times..Declined many tines for increase speaking to someone..Finally increased to $3500 limit by phone electronic request. Zero current balance

GE Walmart: Opened 10-2010 Initially $700 limit then $900 then $1100 but nothing in over a year. Carried a balance off and on...PIF several times...Zero balance since early this year. Requested increase over phone electronically..Declined. Zero balance last 6 months

GE Walmart Discover: Opened 03-2012. Initially $1,000... Made a few small charges. PIF always but no increase.Zero balance Last 5 months.

GE Chevron Gas: Opened 10-10... Used a fair amount..$700 line initial...Carried a balance off and on 8 months...Never increased..not used last 6 months.

GE  Lowes: Opened 3-2012 Carried balance....Paid in full several times...No increase.


Never ever late but credit utilization can go high sometimes...Never over limit. Lots of other credit with big lines..PenFed 25K, CSP 5K USAA 25k Discover 15K DCU 10 K...other smaller crds. Depending on utilization my scores vary wildly from low 600s to over 750.


Wife has 7 GE Cards...Similiar situation as mine above...Never had ANY INCREASE other than her Care Credit from $500 to $10,000! After being constantly declined and no increases.


Whats going on here? Do they hate when you carry a balance? Like PIF? Hates high util even if not high when ask for increase?