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Re: Capital one executive sucks
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A lot of people for whatever reason feel entitled to things in the credit world. You only have two limits that are above the limit Capital One gave you. 8000 is really not a lot of money at all to a credit card company. Some people charge that in a month, and many more may charge that in a week. A year and a half is not that long to go without an increase. If it had been five years, then I could understand your frustration. Most hate on Capital One, but forget that their credit was not very good when they got Capital One, so should be thankful someone took a chance on them.


I dont know what your credit looks like, but if you hate Capital One so much, why are you attempting to do more business when them? Also, misspelling on purpose is not going to make them praise you for writing a letter on your own. You have already sent it off, but in the future, please do not do something so foolish.