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Proving income for new job

I recently graduated from college and have a job that starts in February. I applied for the Citi Forward card and listed my upcoming salary as my income (which is significantly higher than what I have earned in 2011 and 2012 from seasonal employment), but they sent me a form requesting my 2011 1040 to verify income. Since my job doesn't start until February, this won't show up on my 1040 until I file my 2013 tax return in 2014! Does this mean I have to wait until then to receive credit limits commensurate with my income level?


I tried calling Citi to explain my situation and offered to provide my offer letter to prove salary, but the representative seemed confused and was therefore pretty useless. Does any one have any advice for my position? I should be approved even with my 2011 income levels due to being an authorized signer on a few of my parents' cards, but I would obviously like a higher credit limit for score reasons.