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Re: Welcome to Prime Land!

Redissochi wrote:

Ok so I first want to thank this website and ALL of the members who actively contribute because of you guys I have turned my credit score around from 545 (Jan 2011) to Well over 700. I went on letter writing campaigns, PFD letters and so on and got all my baddies removed!! Currently I have a Secured card from Crap 1 and the No hassles card, Orchard, Walmart, Car Care, Care credit, Lenscrafters, QVC, JC Penneys, Amazon and PP Smart Connect. I started with the very low limits between $400-700.Now all my limits are well over $1500 and mind you all these cards have been received this year, PP Smart connect is my oldest, apped in Nov 11 started at $800 now at $1500. I apped for prime cards earlier in rebuilding and gor denied consistantly, now yesterday I got the itch again and pulled the trigger and apped for the Discover card. Instead of getting the usual 7-10 days message it had me verify info from my credit report, I was like hmmmm interesting. Then it asked me to call a financial analyst and also set up online access. I called the analyst, he asked me about AAoA and my inquries and then told me: WELL WE CAN APPROVE YOU FOR $1000 FOR THE DISCOVER MORE CARD!!!  I nearly jumped for joy before I realized I was still at work LOL. I know its not a super high limit but I am in the door! This time last year Discover would not even let me smell one of their cards, now they are letting me in the door and I am forever grateful!!! :-)

I am really happy for you!! Congrats for all the hard work you did in turning around your credit status.Wasn't easy but you did it.
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