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Re: Signature/Platinum

bs6054 wrote:


I was wondering why some (Visa) cards are issued as Signature and some as Platinum.  Is there some advantage to the bank for example not to have signature.  Looking at my Visas in order of decreasing CL (highest is 30K, lowest is 15K)


Capital One No Hassle, platinum,

Chase Amazon,  Signature,

Penfed, Platinum

Capital One Plat, platinum

Citi AA Visa,, Signature

US Bank Cash Plus, Signature


So it doesn't seem related to CL or when I got the card (Penfed and US Bank in the last two weeks for example).  And also not just the issuer, as Cap One does have signature cards as well.  (Although it looks like Penfed doesn't).


Any ideas?


It's based on the level of service you receive.  Signature Card holders are privy to a 24/7 Concierge service that should assist you in restaurant reservations, travel bookings, tickets at sporting events, and some may even assist in daycare for a pet while traveling. It also doesn't hurt to ask if there are any available discounts for travel or fine dining, and getting tickets to a popular or sold out event. Also unlike a Platinum card, there is no over limit fee.

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