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Re: AMEX Question

So I just called the AMEX Executive office and spoke to a very nice individual.  I didn't have any of the account details so he was able to pull that through my SS number.  I asked him some questions and after putting me on hold a couple times corresponding with different departments, he confirmed that yes, if I paid off the CO balance that would definitely improve my chances of receiving a future AMEX card, but that they can't guarantee approval based off paying the balance.


He gave me an address where I can send a check.  I am planning on including a letter explaining what I am paying and I am also going to ask for a letter or some sort of confirmation that my account has been PIF once the check clears.  Any suggestions on what content I should include in the letter?


Also, how long after I receive confirmation that my balance is all good before trying for a new AMEX card?


Thanks again for all the help, guidance, and reassurance!